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Voting in Michigan

To see if you are registered to vote, visit the Michigan Board of Elections Web site.

How do I register to vote in Michigan?


July 6: Last day to register to vote in the Primary Election
July 31: Deadline to apply for an absentee ballot (2 p.m.)
August 2: Absentee in-person voting for Primary Election begins
August 3: Primary Election
Polls are open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

October 4: Last day to register to vote
October 30: Deadline to apply for an absentee ballot (2 p.m.)
November 1: Absentee in-person voting begins
November 2: General Election
Polls are open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Where do I vote?

How do I vote absentee?


To vote in Michigan, you must present an acceptable form of photo identification such as a Michigan driver's license or a Michigan personal ID card.

The following are also acceptable as long as they are current:

  • Driver's license or personal ID card issued by another state
  • Federal or state government-issued photo ID
  • U.S. passport
  • Military identification card with photo
  • Student identification with photo from a high school or accredited institution of higher education
  • Tribal identification card with photo

You do not need to present a voter registration card to vote.

What if I don't have my ID with me?
If you do not have acceptable picture ID or forgot to bring it to the polls, you can vote by signing a brief affidavit stating you are not in possession of a photo ID. Your ballot will be counted with all other ballots on Election Day.

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